Murray's Been Gambling since he was 13 Years old in the Streets of Brooklyn, New York in the early 70's. As a Kid he was always hanging out in the Local Bookies Office picking up any Knowledge he could from the Old Wise Guys. This Eventually Lead to Murray's taking over the Sports Books and Kicking Back a take to the Local Wise guys. You either Paid the Wise Guys or you were Out of Business. The Wise Guys of Brooklyn Loved Murray; He was a Money Maker. Reading the Sharp Lines he would always adjust the line 1/2 point to Favor his office, this would crush the gamblers. Eventually the Bookies got Raided by the Feds and Murray decided to go out west and Do what he Does Best and that's Read the Lines from the Las Vegas Oddsmakers. And Week by Week his Sharp Eyes would always catch a funny line and he would make his Money. His Sharp eye and Bankroll Got Better and Better over the years and was able to make a small Fortune. Known in most Casinos on and off the Strip Murray made a Name for himself. Now Murray is Not only Known in New York and Las Vegas, But he is Known around the World. Join Murray and his Top plays all Year around and become a Professional Gambler just like Murray. Cash in Murray's Top release's every week.


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